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12013清代朝鮮人西洋觀的形成 :容燕行為研究中心 = The shaping of Joseon views of the West during the Qing Dynasty : based on Hong Dae-yong mission to Beijing羅樂然 Law, Lok Yin
2 2011香港における知識生産の領域と村上春樹の普及 = In Japanese “The Field of Cultural Production and the Dissemination of Haruki Murakami in the 80-90s’ Hong Kong”Kwan, Uganda Sze Pui
32012“文章四友”新论:以李峤、崔融之应用文书写为探讨中心 = New perspectives on “Wenzhang siyou” : focus on Li Qiao and Cui Rong’s practical prose曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
42014《从“同性恋爱”到“走向革命”:《我的童年》与郭沫若日后的“自我改造”》= “From homosexuality to revolution : on the years of my boyhood and Kuo Mo-jo’s later-day ‘‘self-reform’‘許维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
52014Beyond the Color Line: Intersectional Considerations in Chuah Guat Eng's FictionSim, Wai Chew
62017冷战电影与”真理运动”:新马的个案 = Cold War films and the "Campaign of Truth" : a case study in Singapore and Malaya許維賢 Hee, Wai Siam
72015Legendary Place Names: Coastal Micro-Toponomastics in Alor through the Lens of an Abui MythPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
82003Learning the countability of English nouns from corpus dataBaldwin, Timothy; Bond, Francis
92005SEM-I rational MT : enriching deep grammars with a semantic interface for scalable machine translationBond, Francis; Flickinger, Dan.; Lønning, Jan Tore.; Dyvik, Helge.; Oepen, Stephan.
10 2010從《南海各方行為宣言》形同虛設之原因論析南沙群島主權爭議 = The contemporary sovereignty dispute over the spratlys劉曉鵬 Liu, Philip Hsiaopong; 陈愉雯 Chin, Yee Woon
11 2013Informational and technological needs of public health inspectors and design of mobile, social media solutions for dengue prevention in Sri LankaLwin, May Oo; Vijaykumar, Santosh; Rathnayake, Vajira Sampath; Fernando, Owen Noel Newton; Lim, Gentatsu
12 2010转动罗盘:陈嘉庚和李光前的华人离散经验 = Turning the compass : diasporic Chinese experience of Tan Kah Kee and Lee Kong ChianYow, Cheun Hoe
13 2007Significance of pre-modern cultures in modernity : an alternative study on Maqiao CiDianChen, Le
142009Achievement motivation in the social context : implicit and explicit Hope of Success and Fear of Failure predict memory for and liking of successful and unsuccessful peersVillacorta, Mark A.; Chin, Yammie S.; Morrison, Frederik J.; Pang, Joyce S.
15 2009Myanmar's relations with China from Tagaung through Hanthawati-Taungngu periodsGoh, Geok Yian
162018Infant communicative signals elicit differential brain dynamics in fathers and non-fathersTruzzi, Anna; Islam, Tanvir; Valenzi, Stefano; Esposito, Gianluca
17 2008Fragmentation of the factor market in China: estimated costs and policy recommendationsTan, Kong Yam
182006开拓鲁迅翻译研究的新视野——评王友贵新著《翻译家鲁迅》崔峰 Cui Feng
19 2004Towards holistic grammar engineering and testing : grafting treebank maintenance into the grammar revision cycleBond, Francis; Oepen, Stephan.; Flickinger, Dan.
202000Language and hybridization : Pidgin tales from the China CoastBolton, Kingsley
21 2009The ideology and practice of authenticity in punk subcultureLewin, Philip; Williams, James Patrick
22 2007ASEAN and China: East Asia community building and prospects for the futureHo, Khai Leong
232013Personal protection behaviors against Malaria in India : urban attitudes and health info seeking preferencesLwin, May Oo; Vijaykumar, Santosh; Lim, Gentatsu; Theng, Yin-Leng; Foo, Schubert
242013Our sub-universe, the wider universe, and their propertiesNg, Yew-Kwang
25 2009An intersubjective consensus approach to culture : the role of intersubjective norms versus cultural self in cultural processesChiu, Chi-Yue; Wan, Ching
262008Singapore literature in English : an annotated bibliographyKoh, Tai Ann
27 2010A glimpse of Aidan Higgins through his critical workFrattarola, Angela Anne
28 2009Development and consciousnessGao, Helena Hong
292012南宋〈胡笳十八拍〉集句詩之書寫及其歷史意義 = Adaptations for Southern song’s poem “Hu Jia Shi Ba Pai” (“Eighteen Songs of a Nomad’s flute”) and their historical significance衣若芬 I, Lo-fen
302006World Englishes todayBolton, Kingsley
312003In search of a systematic treatment of determinerless PPsBaldwin, Timothy; Beavers, John; Beek, Leonoor van der; Bond, Francis; Flickinger, Dan; Sag, Ivan A.
32 2007Indigenous small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in MongoliaNamsraidorj, Batchimeg; Adiya, Enkhjargal; Chew, Rosalind Seow Lung
332012Chinese resource quest in Brazil : the changing role of economic statecraftAlves, Ana Cristina
342012The Long Transition. The Acquese Territory in the Iron AgePerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
35 2010Computer support in E-collaborative learning-by-doing environmentsQiu, Lin
362012Water-Place: The Origin of the Place-Name SquanetoFrancesco, Perono Cacciafoco
372002Multiword expressions : a pain in the neck for NLPSag, Ivan A.; Baldwin, Timothy; Bond, Francis; Copestake, Ann; Flickinger, Dan
38 2008History & identity in the construction of China’s Africa policyAlden, Chris; Alves, Ana Cristina
39 2009What's human life worth?Quah, E.; Chia, Wai-Mun; Sng, H. Y.
402014Beyond Etymology: Historical Reconstruction and Diachronic Toponomastics through the Lens of a New Convergence TheoryPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
412011Coding sequences : a history of sequence comparison algorithms as a scientific instrumentStevens, Hallam
42 2010The NGOs and social development: the case of Bangladesh and ChileIslam, Md Saidul
43 2008Symbolic interactionismWilliams, James Patrick
442011Fighting for Poetry: Critical Thoughts and "Poetical Diction" (Combattere per la Poesia: Riflessione critica e "dire poetico")Francesco, Perono Cacciafoco
45 2009Trans-national biographies and trans-national habit: the case of Chinese-Singaporeans in Hong KongPluss, Caroline
46 2007Forged in fire: indigenous resilience factors of Singaporean Chinese and MalaysChang, Weining C.
472013重写中国近代史:二十世纪九十年代早期对现代性的回应 = Rewriting modern chinese history : echoing the modern during the early 1990svan Dongen, Els
482017Above and below the surface: Genetic and cultural factors in the development of valuesDellantonio, Sara; Pastore, Luigi; Esposito, Gianluca
49 2009Modernism and the irresponsible allusion: Joyce, Eliot and PoundFrattarola, Angela Anne
502015Empathy and Theory of Mind: One Underlying Cognitive MechanismTruzzi, Anna; Dalsant, Arianna; Setoh, Peipei; Esposito, Gianluca
Results 1-50 of 928 (Search time: 1.095 seconds).