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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Contending the Global Order: Singapore's Response to China's One Belt, One Road (OBOR) InitiativeGan, She Hwa
22010Task switching in English-Chinese bilinguals : a life-span approachLow, Joel Jia Wei
32015Age-related differences in neural activity for novelty and relational encoding of scenesLeow, Wei Yang Dayton
42011Putting yourself into others' shoes : role-play benefits preschoolers' social understandingShen, Pinxiu
52016Seeing and Hearing SingaporeMuhammad Waliyuddin Bin Ahmad Kamal
62014Using MySQL to build up a database for E-learning Chinese classifiersChen, Jiaxing
72016The Right to Speak for MyselfSharifah Adibah Binte Syed Zainal
82013Age-related changes in relational encodingLeow, Dayton Wei Yang
92017The Dishonour of the Disrobed: Politics of the Female Body in the MahabharataRajkumar, Thiagaras
102008A study on classifier acquisition in Chinese learningOuyang, Shixiao
112009Temperament and the development of higher cognitive abilities in 3- to 5-year-oldsWu, Jinghang
122014Age-related differences in functional connectivity during scene encodingLeow, Dayton Wei Yang
132009Dream of the red chamberJiang, Ling
142009ICT contribution to economic growthLi, Mengling
152016Where is the Deictic Center?: 'Come' and 'Go' in Chinese Motion ConstructionKhoo, Yong Kang
162016Exploring the Influence of Impeding Exercise on Eating BehaviourLau, Hao Jun Regine Cassandra
172007The evolving significance of mixed media in contemporary dramaFrederick, Fernandez Stephen
182015Implicit motives and implicit emotions : testing the effect of motivated states on affect dimensionsYeo, Zhi Zheng
192013Impact of vesting contracts on the efficiency of Singapore electricity marketDang, Thi Quynh Trang
202012Singlish can? the role of speech accommodation in Singapore EnglishKoh, Daphne Shu Ping
212017Singapore: A Linguistic RojakNah, Vanessa Ellen Mei Yin
222013Do you sing like how you speak?Kwek, Emily Zhen Chun
232015The aggregate effect of diabetes on economic developmentTee, Guang Ying
242008政治中的隐喻 : 2006新加坡大选与2008台湾选举 = Metaphors in Chinese political discourseChan, Xin Min
252011Influence of parenting on adolescents’ aggressionTan, Poh Long
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