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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Lidar inertial odometry localization of UAV in indoor environmentChow, Jiun Fatt
22020Experiments with deep visual servoing for connector insertionTay, Vicky
32012Development of hand model and sensor placements for measuring thumb motionOng, Di Yong.
42010Development of an electrostatic charge device for visualisation of latent fingerprint on bullet cartridges and curved metal surfacesFong, Derren Keng Mun.
52011Analysis of human wrist/forearm movements during activities of daily living (ADL) : anatomically correct model for 6dof (position/orientation) sensorsChan, Daniel Bin Yang.
62011Design and control of an anthropomimetic robotic legLeong, Hon Choong.
72021Planning time-optimal and smooth trajectories under kinodynamic constraintsEdgar, Leonardo
82015Design and development of a four - wheel educational robot remote controlled by tabletLi, Xiao Tong
92015Secured one-handed multi-modal wireless interface for robotic applications in an industrial environmentWei, Lin Yun
102017End-effector camera usage investigation for dual-arm industrial robotGao, Chuanchao
112012Development of instrumented shoes for motion analysis with IMU sensorsTang, Wei Qiang.
122020Design of a large workspace electromagnetic coil systemLiman, Krismanto
132009Development of intentions recognition system to control mobile robot with input disturbanceNg, Boh Wai.
142014Development and control of a robotic hand exoskeleton for assistance in self-feedingTay, Lip Ong
152015Design & development of an assistive spoon for persons with pathological tremor I - sensing & filteringWijaya, Ricky
162018Benchmark on robotic motion planning algorithms in a drilling taskLim, Joyce Xin Yan
172018Manipulations of cylindrical objectLee, Ee Wei
182021Sensorised hand-held gripper for assessment of kinematics and dynamics features in assembly tasksChoo, Wei Jie
192010Data acquisition and analysis for fish-like swimming platformTan, Rayner Sheng Rong.
202020Design of a force-sensing human attachment point for an assistive shoulder deviceLeong, Lucas Jun Wei
212018Robotics technologies for additive manufacturingLim, Zhe Shien
222015H-Man: customized handles for a 2D planar robotXiang, Yu
232020Development of hybrid robot-gripper for picking foodsTee, Isaac
242015Automatic docking and charging station for a mobile robot platformLim, Shaune Ji Zheng
252011Development of orientation sensing technology for micro motor in ingestible medical capsuleZhang, Chao
262014Inertia measurement unit based sensing module for CPT training kitLee, Gabriel Wei Jian
272012Design and implementaion of pelvic motion assistance mechanismLim, Sze Jie.
282020Design and development of an automated launch system for sewer inspection robotKhoo, Yi Quan
292012Enhanced localization using the kinect sensorWong, Jig Seng.
302009Home-system design & system measurement of gait parameters to prevent fall in elderly peopleTeguh Chandra.
312011Wrist/forearm passive exoskeleton for adding tuneable mechanical damping impedanceTeo, Jiunntian.
322013Modification of aesthetics and evaluation of robotic knife-fishShaikh Yasin Rahmatullah.
332020Implementation of UI/UX in AR systems to enhance human-machine interactionKuo, Yu Chen
342017Grasping module of autonomous item picking robotic armKhoo, Jie Xiong
352010Development of pathological tremor cancelling for human-machine interactionFariadi, Yulius Setiadi
362018Change detection and the updating of SLAM mapsFoong, Kok Leong
372012Design and experimental investigation of a variable stiffness deviceNor Muhammad Mohammad S Man.
382010Design and implementation of patient lifting system for gait rehabilitationYuen, Wei Le.
392009Kinematic analysis of an upper extremity stroke rehabilitation orthosisYang, Fang
402017Design and development of robot grippersChen, Ka Wee
412010Design and development of an assistive walking systemTan, Melvin Siaw Kian.
422017Small parts assembly with a dual-arm industrial robot for 3C industry applications – system designKhoo, Daniel Wei Qian
432014Analysis and control of aquatic locomotion on robotic fishEric Purnama
442011Development of a latching prototype for UAV perching flightsArvind Dave Singh.
452011Design and development of an underwater robotic vehicle (I)Li, Fu Bai.
462009Design and implementation of body weight support gait rehabilitation systemChristian Budiman.
472010Development of a real time 3D surgical scene for natural orifice endoscopic surgeryAng, Stella Rui Yee
482018H-man : 3-D localization using trilateral computation and ultrasoundChen, Jian Hao Nicholas
492009Manipulator design for a mobile robotic platformNyi, Myo Aung
502010Implementation of sensing of pathological tremor using surface electromyography and accelerometer for real-time attenuation in LabViewAgus Herryanto
Results 1-50 of 240 (Search time: 0.042 seconds).