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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Characterization and designing with natural fiber based composite materials for sustainable designJayraj, Shah Devvrat
22011Integration of MEMS inertial sensors towards commercially-viable tracking devicesKor, Ronnie Xian Thong
32014Green city under the earthSim, Jun An
42010Wing flapping mechanism without gear : a realisation of MAVAstrini
52009Kempe mechanism in spherical spaceMing, Zhenzhen
62013Design and control of underwater robotic knifefishLai, Wenjie
72018A tough egg to crackDing, Ming
82012Autonomous tilt-rotor UAVChao, Joshua Jang En
92012Forming of micro features using laser technologyYang, Juntao
102015Electric powered self-tilting trike : design and development of a tilt by wire system Part 2Jefferson
112008Vibrations of a rolling piston type ROTARY compressorLow, Hock Yam
1220103D paintingDing, Yan
132009EMG analysis for pre-clinical trials of hand rehabilitation tasksAng, Kok Yong
142007Revolving vane compressorWilly, Perdana Tanuwijaya
152014BIM application in the construction industrySiu, Terence Kok Han
162010Leakage modeling of revolving vane expanderHendrik, Hans
172009Computer simulation of a rotary compressorHe, Zhongjie
182007Deployable shelter based on Bennett linkageLiu, Shiyu
192017Robotic Butterfly - Bio Inspired Flapping Wing MechanismOng, Gerard Zi Quan
2020173D Scanning Technique for Abrasion of Shoe SoleOng, Jaka
212007BCF robotics fishAng, Kok Yong
222010Dynamics of flapping wing MAV during takeoff and hoveringWang, Hao
232011Locomotion control and implementation on robotic fishXiao, Jianfang
242014Spring to flight with clapping wingsAng, Ziyuan
252011The hazards of aircraft wake vorticesRudy, Ryantono Setiawan
262008Retractable roof based on Bricard linkageLiu, Shiyu
272015Underwater searching system on unmanned surface vehicleLiu, Jiaqi
282009Analysis of 6-bar Bricard linkagesChai, Woon Huei
292011UAV with hybrid fixed and rotary wing capabilitiesChao, Joshua Jang En
302021Effects of initial conditions on vortex-ring core trajectoriesYeo, Jovan Rui
312008Application and actuation of deployable frameChai, Woon Huei
322009Design analysis of solenoid actuatorsTan, Kheng Hiang
332016Autonomous landing of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)Foong, Kok Leong
342016Intelligent Portable Traffic LightMonica, Josephine
Results 1-34 of 34 (Search time: 0.114 seconds).


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