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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1 2022Imaging the upper 10 km crustal shear-wave velocity structure of central Myanmar via a joint inversion of P-wave polarizations and receiver functionsYao, Jiayuan; Wu, Shucheng; Li, Tianjue; Bai, Yiming; Xiao, Xiao; Hubbard, Judith; Wang, Yu; Thant, Myo; Tong, Ping
22020Integrating geodetic images and physics-based modeling towards understanding earthquake ruptures in IndonesiaSalman, Rino
32022Assessing uncertainties in infrasound network performance modelling: application to the Euro-Mediterranean and Southeast Asian regionTailpied, Dorianne; Le Pichon, Alexis; Taisne, Benoit
42022Estimating the velocity of pyroclastic density currents using an operational dual-PRF radarMagfira Syarifuddin; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Taisne, Benoit; Oishi, Satoru; Ahmad Basuki; Iguchi, Masato
52022Assessing volcanic hazard and exposure to lava flows at remote volcanic fields: a case study from the Bolaven Volcanic Field, LaosVerolino, Andrea; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Sieh, Kerry; Herrin, Jason Scott; Schonwalder-Angel, Dayana; Sihavong, Vanpheng; Oh, Jee Hon
62019Bathymetric survey of lakes Maninjau and Diatas (West Sumatra), and lake Kerinci (Jambi)De Maisonneuve, Caroline Bouvet; Eisele, Steffen; Forni, Francesca; Hamdi; Park, E.; Phua, M.; Putra, R.
72022Using a geomicrobial approach to investigate the geological records of coastal hazardsYap, Wenshu
82020Inferring upper mantle rheology from numerical modeling of experimental and geodetic observationsMasuti, Sagar
29 2022Emergence of wet conditions in the Mono Basin of the western USA coincident with inception of the Last GlaciationAli, Guleed Ahmed Hussein; Lin, Ke; Hemming, Sidney R.; Cox, Stephen E.; Ruprecht, Philipp; Zimmerman, Susan R. H.; Stine, Scott; Wang, Xianfeng
302021Spatial and temporal characteristics of chromophoric dissolved organic matter and its relation to light attenuation in the Singapore straitLim, Marcus Kian Yew
312021Understanding earthquake physics through high frequency multiple point source inversion and earthquake cycle simulationShi, Qibin
322020Using the Global Navigation Satellite System-Interferometric Reflectometry (GNSS-IR) technique to detect sea-level changes in Singapore : a feasibility studySoon, Kit Ying
332022Insights into the tectonics in Myanmar from new high-resolution and integrated focal mechanism catalogsWardah Shafiqah Binti Mohammad Fadil
34 2022Toward a critical technical practice in disaster risk management: lessons from designing collaboration initiativesLallemant, David; Bicksler, Rebecca; Barns, Karen; Hamel, Perrine; Soden, Robert; Bannister, Steph
352020Diffusion chronometry and the timescales of magmatic processesCosta, Fidel; Shea, Thomas; Ubide, Teresa
362020Remotely assessing tephra fall building damage and vulnerability : Kelud Volcano, IndonesiaWilliams, George Thomas; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Biass, Sébastien; Wibowo, Haryo Edi; Harijoko, Agung
372021Tephra deposit inversion by coupling Tephra2 with the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm : algorithm introduction and demonstration with synthetic datasetsYang, Qingyuan; Pitman, E. Bruce; Bursik, Marcus; Jenkins, Susanna F.
382019Slow and fast slip events near the stability transition from laboratory experiments and numerical simulationsMele Veedu, Deepa
392020Geochemical and petrological characterization of the Singkut caldera-forming eruption (North Sumatra)Yeo, Yue
40 2022Sea-level rise from land subsidence in major coastal citiesTay, Cheryl; Lindsey, Eric O.; Chin, Shi Tong; McCaughey, Jamie W.; Bekaert, David; Nguyen, Michele; Hua, Hook; Manipon, Gerald; Karim, Mohammed; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Li, Tanghua; Hill, Emma M.
412022Sentinel-1 spatiotemporal simulation using convolutional LSTM for flood mappingUlloa, Noel Ivan; Yun, Sang-Ho; Chiang, Shou-Hao; Furuta, Ryoichi
422019Multivariate approaches to infer volcanic system parameters, timing, and size of explosive eruptionsManta, Fabio
432016Temperature-driven global sea-level variability in the Common EraKopp, Robert E.; Kemp, Andrew C.; Bittermann, Klaus; Horton, Benjamin P.; Donnelly, Jeffrey P.; Gehrels, W. Roland; Hay, Carling C.; Mitrovica, Jerry X.; Morrow, Eric D.; Rahmstorf, Stefan
442020Identifying the greatest earthquakes of the past 2000 years at the Nehalem River estuary, northern Oregon coast, USANelson, Alan R.; Hawkes, Andrea D.; Sawai, Yuki; Engelhart, Simon E.; Witter, Rob; Grant-Walter, Wendy C.; Bradley, Lee-Ann; Dura, Tina; Cahill, Niamh; Horton, Benjamin Peter
452011Teleconnection between Australian winter temperature and Indian summer monsoon rainfallLee, Soo-Ying; Koh, Tieh Yong
462016Hurricane Sandy’s flood frequency increasing from year 1800 to 2100Lin, Ning; Kopp, Robert E.; Horton, Benjamin P.; Donnelly, Jeffrey P.
472019Global monitoring of volcanic SO2 degassing with unprecedented resolution from TROPOMI onboard Sentinel-5 PrecursorBarrington, Charlotte; Taisne, Benoit; Theys, N.; Hedelt, P.; De Smedt, I.; Lerot, C.; Yu, H.; Vlietinck, J.; Pedergnana, M.; Arellano, S.; Galle, B.; Fernandez, D.; Carlito, C. J. M.; Delgado-Granados, H.; Loyola, D.; Van Roozendael, M.
482018Accuracy and precision of tidal wetland soil carbon mapping in the conterminous United StatesHorton, Benjamin Peter; MacDonald, Glen M.; Moyer, Ryan P.; Reay, William; Shaw, Timothy; Smith, Erik; Smoak, Joseph M.; Sommerfield, Christopher; Thorne, Karen; Velinsky, David; Holmquist, James R.; Windham-Myers, Lisamarie; Bliss, Norman; Crooks, Stephen; Morris, James T.; Megonigal, J. Patrick; Troxler, Tiffany; Weller, Donald; Callaway, John; Drexler, Judith; Ferner, Matthew C.; Gonneea, Meagan E.; Kroeger, Kevin D.; Schile-Beers, Lisa; Woo, Isa; Buffington, Kevin; Breithaupt, Joshua; Boyd, Brandon M.; Brown, Lauren N.; Dix, Nicole; Hice, Lyndie; Watson, Elizabeth; Grimes, Kristin Wilson; Woodrey, Mark
492018The rise, collapse, and compaction of Mt. Mantap from the 3 September 2017 North Korean nuclear testWang, Teng; Shi, Qibin; Nikkhoo, Mehdi; Wei, Shengji; Barbot, Sylvain; Dreger, Douglas; Bürgmann, Roland; Motagh, Mahdi; Chen, Qi-Fu
502009Co-seismic ruptures of the 12 May 2008, Ms 8.0 Wenchuan earthquake, Sichuan : East–west crustal shortening on oblique, parallel thrusts along the eastern edge of TibetLiu-Zeng, J.; Zhang, Z.; Wen, L.; Sun, J.; Xing, X.; Hu, G.; Xu, Q.; Zeng, L.; Ding, L.; Ji, C.; Hudnut, K. W.; van der Woerd, J.; Tapponnier, Paul
512020Estimating global mean sea-level rise and its uncertainties by 2100 and 2300 from an expert surveyHorton, Benjamin Peter; Khan, Nicole S.; Cahill, Niamh; Lee, Janice Ser Huay; Shaw, Timothy Adam; Garner, Andra J.; Kemp, Andrew C.; Engelhart, Simon E.; Rahmstorf, Stefan
522018Crystal and melt inclusion timescales reveal the evolution of magma migration before eruptionRuth, Dawn C. S.; Costa, Fidel; Bouvet de Maisonneuve, Caroline; Franco, Luis; Cortés, Joaquin A.; Calder, Eliza S.
532021Spatiotemporal changes in mulberry-dyke-fish ponds in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area over the past 40 yearsZhang, Wenxin; Cheng, Wenxin; Qiu, Junliang; Park, Edward; Ran, Lishan; Xie, Xuetong; Yang, Xiankun
542022Towards a “City in Nature”: evaluating the cultural ecosystem services approach using online public participation GIS to support urban green space managementKoh, Yi Fan; Loc, Ho Huu; Park, Edward
552020COVID-19 and the climate emergency : do common origins and solutions reside in the global agrifood system?Horton, Benjamin Peter ; Horton, Peter
562022Moho complexity in Southern California revealed by local PmP and teleseismic Ps wavesLi, Tianjue; Yao, Jiayuan; Wu, Shucheng; Xu, Mijian; Tong, Ping
572019360 intrusions in a miniature volcano : birth, growth, and evolution of an analog edificeDerrien, Allan; Taisne, Benoit
582020A comparative study of the 2013 typhoon Haiyan overwash sediments from a coastal cave and beach system at Salcedo, Eastern Samar, central PhilippinesSwitzer, Adam D.; Felix, Raquel P.; Soria, Janneli Lea Acierto; Shaw, Timothy Adam
592020Highly heterogeneous pore fluid pressure enabled rupture of orthogonal faults during the 2019 Ridgecrest Mw7.0 earthquakeShi, Qibin; Wei, Shengji
602021Deriving centimeter-level coseismic deformation and fault geometries of small-to-moderate earthquakes from time-series Sentinel-1 SAR imagesLuo, Heng; Wang, Teng; Wei, Shengji; Liao, Mingsheng; Gong, Jianya
612020The geometry of the subducted slab beneath Sumatra revealed by regional and teleseismic traveltime tomographyLiu, Shaolin; Suardi, Iman; Xu, Xiwei; Yang, Shuxin; Tong, Ping
622022Extending instrumental sea-level records using coral microatolls, an example from Southeast AsiaMajewski, Jędrzej M.; Meltzner, Aron J.; Switzer, Adam D.; Shaw, Timothy Adam; Li, Tanghua; Bradley, Sarah; Walker, Jennifer S.; Kopp, Robert E.; Samanta, Dhrubajyoti; Natawidjaja, Danny H.; Suwargadi, Bambang W.; Horton, Benjamin Peter
632022State-led agricultural subsidies drive monoculture cultivar cashew expansion in northern Western Ghats, IndiaRege, Anushka; Lee, Janice Ser Huay
642021Measuring coastal absolute sea-level changes using GNSS interferometric reflectometryPeng, Dongju; Feng, Lujia; Larson, Kristine M.; Hill, Emma Mary
65 2022Stalagmite multi-proxy evidence of wet and dry intervals in the middle Yangtze Valley during the last glacial periodMeng Wang; Chen, Shitao; Wang, Yongjin; Zhao, Kan; Wang, Xianfeng; Liang, Yijia; Wang, Zhenjun; Zhang, Zhenqiu; Chen, Gongzhe
662022Influence of 3D earth structure on glacial isostatic adjustment in the Russian ArcticLi, Tanghua; Khan, Nicole S.; Baranskaya, Alisa V.; Shaw, Timothy Adam; Peltier, W. Richard; Stuhne, Gordan R.; Wu, Patrick; Horton, Benjamin Peter
672021The development of volcanic ash cloud layers over hours to days due to atmospheric turbulence layeringBursik, Marcus; Yang, Qingyuan; Bear-Crozier, Adele; Pavolonis, Michael; Tupper, Andrew
682022Sustained coral reef growth in the critical wave dissipation zone of a Maldivian atollKench, Paul S.; Beetham, Edward P.; Turner, Tracey; Morgan, Kyle Meredith; Owen, Susan D.; McLean, Roger F.
692021The January 11, 2018, Mw 6.0 Bago-Yoma, Myanmar earthquake : a shallow thrust event within the deforming Bago-Yoma rangeFadil, Wardah; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Wang, Yu; Maung, Phyo Maung; Luo, Heng; Swe, Tint Lwin; Tun, Pa Pa; Wei, Shengji
502022Evaluating and ranking Southeast Asia's exposure to explosive volcanic hazardsJenkins, Susanna F.; Biass, Sébastien; Williams, George T.; Hayes, Josh L.; Tennant, Eleanor; Yang, Qingyuan; Burgos, Vanesa; Meredith, Elinor S.; Lerner, Geoffrey A.; Syarifuddin, Magfira; Verolino, Andrea
Results 1-50 of 252 (Search time: 0.39 seconds).