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12016“Wherever I go, there you are” the mobility/mooring paradigm in travel journalismDuffy, Andrew
22016Movie selection and e-WOM preference : a cross-cultural perspectiveHao, Xiaoming; Dogruel, Leyla
32012The effects of person-environment fit on employees' knowledge contributionPee, Loo Geok
4 2018Michael Tweedie, Woutera van Benthem Jutting and the mollusca of Malaya's limestone hillsLuyt, Brendan
52008Report on professional internship with Design Bridge Asia Pte Ltd.Ng, Siew Hoon.
62013A Comparison of Quality, Speed, Scope and Usability between English and Chinese CQAsChua, Alton Yeow Kuan; Banerjee, Snehasish
72017Gamification : influencing value-perception of target behaviorsHsueh, Vivian Hua Chen; Tan, Ryan Rui Yang
82008Report on professional internship with Weber Shandwick Singapore.Lim, Rong Shan.
92013A digital game for international students' adjustmentBisadi, Maryam; Chua, Alton Yeow Kuan; Lee, Chu Keong
102021Understanding health information literacy of mHealth app users from digital wellbeing perspective : evidence from regression analysis and fsQCAFu, Shaoxiong; Chen, Xiaoyu; Zheng, Han; Ou, Mengxue
11 2019Comments, analytics, and social media : the impact of audience feedback on journalists’ market orientationHanusch, Folker; Tandoc, Edson C.
122014Dissecting genuine and deceptive kudos : the case of online hotel reviewsBanerjee, Snehasish; Chua, Alton, Y. K.
132020Effectiveness of a mobile-based influenza-like illness surveillance system (FluMob) among health care workers : longitudinal studyLwin, May Oo; Lu, Jiahui; Sheldenkar, Anita; Panchapakesan, Chitra; Tan, Yi-Roe; Yap, Peiling; Chen, Mark I.; Chow, Vincent T. K.; Thoon, Koh Cheng; Yung, Chee Fu; Ang, Li Wei; Ang, Brenda S. P.
14 2019Enhancing the learning effectiveness of ill-structured problem solving with online co-creationPee, Loo Geok
152020Scientists as public communicators : individual- and institutional-level motivations and barriers for public communication in SingaporeHo, Shirley S.; Looi, Jiemin; Goh, Tong Jee
162016Who needs trust when you know everything? Dealing with information abundance on a consumer-review Web siteDuffy, Andrew
172018Essentialist identities as resistance to immobilities : communicative mobilities of Vietnamese foreign brides in SingaporeChib, Arul; Nguyen, Hoan
182012Perceived environmental uncertainty, information literacy and environmental scanning : towards a refined frameworkFoo, Schubert; Majid, Shaheen; Zhang, Xue
192018Tackling social inequality in development : beyond access to appropriation of ICTs for employabilityLoh, Yvonne Ai-Chi; Chib, Arul
20 2019Filipino nursesʼ use of smartphones in clinical settingsBautista, John Robert Razote
212018Mobile phones and patient referral in Thai rural healthcare : a structuration viewLing, Rich; Poorisat, Thanomwong; Chib, Arul
22 2018Understanding online game cheating : unpacking the ethical dimensionWu, Yuehua; Chen, Vivian Hsueh Hua
232016Understanding interactions in virtual HIV communities: a social network analysis approachShi, Jingyuan; Wang, Xiaohui; Peng, Tai-Quan; Chen, Liang
242014"It's effective but should I bother?" A study of personal protection measures against malaria in urban IndiaLwin, May Oo; Vijaykumar, Santosh; Lim, Gentatsu; Foo, Schubert; Theng, Yin-Leng
252009Making health public : English language newspapers and the medical sciences in colonial Malaya (1840s–1941)Liew, Kai Khiun
262005Development and evaluation of a multi-document summarization method focusing on research concepts and their research relationshipsOu, Shiyan; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
27 2012A systems framework to telecommunication policy : the Philippine experience, 1989-2009Paragas, Fernando de la Cruz
282018Can I have more of these please?: Assisting researchers in finding similar research papers from a seed basket of papersSesagiri Raamkumar, Aravind; Foo, Schubert; Pang, Natalie
292007Towards a hierarchical framework for predicting the best answer in a question answering systemChua, Alton Yeow Kuan; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Ling, Zhiquan; Blooma, Mohan John
302002Are pay for performance search engines relevant?Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Ang, Rebecca P.
312020The potential of smartphone apps in informing protobacco and antitobacco messaging efforts among underserved communities : longitudinal observational studyLee, Edmund Wei Jian; Bekalu, Mesfin Awoke; McCloud, Rachel; Vallone, Donna; Arya, Monisha; Osgood, Nathaniel; Li, Xiaoyan; Minsky, Sara; Viswanath, Kasisomayajula
322012Clustered subsampling for clinically informed diagnostic brain mappingBjornsdotter, Malin; Sona, Diego; Rosenthal, Sonny; Dauwels, Justin
332019What motivates parents to mediate children’s use of smartphones? An application of the theory of planned behaviorShin, Wonsun; Kim, Hye Kyung
342012An exploratory study of game-based M-learning for software project managementChua, Alton Yeow Kuan; Balkunje, Radhika Shenoy
352019Development and validation of a parental social media mediation scale across child and parent samplesHo, Shirley S.; Lwin, May Oo; Chen, Liang; Chen, Minyi
362015The use of mobile phones among trishaw operators in MyanmarLing, Rich; Aricat, Rajiv George; Oreglia, Elisa; Panchapakesan, Chitra; Lwin, May Oo
372018Representing African cities in Wikipedia : the case of Lagos and KinshasaLuyt, Brendan
382020Reviewing the landscape of research on influencer-generated contentChen, Xiaoyu; Chua, Alton Yeow Kuan
39 2018Finding trafficked children through crowdsourcingGoh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Lee, Chei Sian; Guo, Hang
402018‘I realised then how “Parisian” Egypt was’ : challenges and rewards of de-westernising travel journalismDuffy, Andrew
412006A user study on features supporting subjective relevance for information retrieval interfacesFoo, Schubert; Theng, Yin-Leng; Lee, Shu Shing; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian
42 2019Seoul-Hong Kong-Macau : love with an alien (1957) and postwar Korea-Hong Kong co-productionLee, Sangjoon
432002Reference services in a digital library of historical artifactsChan, Roy; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Foo, Schubert
44 2019Parental guidance and children’s healthy food consumption : integrating the theory of planned behavior with interpersonal communication antecedentsYee, Andrew Z. H.; Lwin, May Oo; Lau, Jerrald
45 2019Charting a future for fMRI in communication scienceTurner, Benjamin O.; Huskey, Richard; Weber, René
462008A photojournalist in Nepal.Sam, Kang Li @ Shyam Bahadur Tamang.
472013English versus Chinese: A Cross-Lingual Study of Community Question Answering SitesChua, Alton Yeow Kuan; Banerjee, Snehasish
482017Encryption scheme classification : a deep learning approachPan, Jonathan
492021Exploring an adverse impact of smartphone overuse on academic performance via health issues : a stimulus-organism-response perspectiveFu, Shaoxiong; Chen, Xiaoyu; Zheng, Han
502012Producing knowledge about Malaya : readers, contributors, printers, editors, and the journal of the Malayan branch of the Royal Asiatic Society in the 1950sLuyt, Brendan
Results 1-50 of 696 (Search time: 0.545 seconds).