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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017从内容与人物看《游仙窟》与唐 代文士生活面貌的切实性 = Analysis on how “You Xian Ku” reflects a literati’s life style during the Tang Dynasty曲畅 Chang, Qu
22019Healing with Chinese philosophical wisdom : providing an alternative for millennials to cope with anxietyDu, Huizhong
3 2010转动罗盘:陈嘉庚和李光前的华人离散经验 = Turning the compass : diasporic Chinese experience of Tan Kah Kee and Lee Kong ChianYow, Cheun Hoe
42012新加坡海南会馆近30年(1980—今): 中华文化传承初探 = Singapore Hainan Hwee Kuan and Chinese Culture : transmission and Inheritance (1980—Present)余巧云 Seah, Janice Qiao Yun
5 2010Chinese immigrant in Singapore : from Xinke to new immigrant李元瑾 Lee, Guan Kin
6 2008导论:国家与文化 疆界网络认同 = Nation and culture : boundaries, networks and identity (An introduction)李元瑾 Lee, Guan Kin
72008The theme of love for 20th century Chinese women writers : the interrelation between their lives and worksLi, Yimei
82008论马华作家的后殖民与移民书写 :以黎紫书、黄锦树、张贵兴为例 = Postcolonial and migration writings among Malaysian Chinese writers : a case study of Li Zishu, Huang Jinshu and Zhang Guixing陈晞哲 Tan, Xi Zhe
92006Seeking cultural and gender identity : re-reading the fiction by Singaporean chinese women writers in the 1980sYang, Ying
10 2011The May fourth movement in retrospect李元瑾 Lee, Guan Kin
11 2011Khoo Seok Wan and 1911 Revolution李元瑾 Lee, Guan Kin
122011中华传统宗教信仰在东南亚的蜕变:新加坡的道教和佛教研究 = Transformation of traditional Chinese religious beliefs in South-East Asian society : a case study of Taoism and Buddhism in Singapore许原泰 Hue Guan Thye
132015清代流放新疆文人之诗歌研究 : 以纪昀《乌鲁木齐杂诗》为探讨中心 = The study on the poetry of exiled poets in Xinjiang of Qing dynasty : concentrated on Ji Yun’s "Urumqi miscellaneous poems"李林珊 Li, Linshan
142019从新加坡少儿读物《跑藏找》分析女性科幻小說的翻译 = Analysis of feminist science fiction translations through RunHideSeek, a children's literature from Singapore黄馨盈 Ng, Noreen Xin-Ying
15 2010家族、种族、国族:马来西亚华人的移民境遇 = Family, race, nation : Malaysian Chinese experience游俊豪 Yow, Cheun Hoe
162012《新客》:新加坡第一部华语电影的书报讨论 = Discussions of the first Singapore Chinese-language film, Xinke (new immigrant)张陶陶 Chong, Pheona TaoTao
172017从诗歌和仕女图中分析唐寅笔下女性的寓意 = Analysis the meaning of women from Tang Yin’s poetry and painting of the figures of ladies陈巧瑾 Chen, Qiao Jin
182006Textual reading and cultural analysis : the phenomena of San Mao and You Jin in China, part A.Sun, Lingling.
19 2008故乡、国家、市场:新马和香港番禺会馆的功能演变 = Homeland, state, and market : the changing functions of Panyu associations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong游俊豪 Yow, Cheun Hoe
20 2007向永恒拷问:南洋大学的文化符号 = Probing the question of eternity : the cultural iconology of Nanyang University游俊豪 Yow, Cheun Hoe
212020《芳华》的同名电影改编研究 = Research on the film adaptation of "Fang Hua"郑惠文 Tay, Vivian Hui Woon
222015The policing of a South Chinese county, 1929-1949Viana, Venus
Results 1-22 of 22 (Search time: 0.461 seconds).


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