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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013High speed random number generationHong, Johnny MingZhong.
22010Simulation and analysis of passive RFID localization algorithmsWang, Liyong.
32013Random number generation based on single-photon detectorsHong, Dominick.
42010Analysis of Raman assisted stokes and anti-stokes emission in silicon waveguideYu, Ya Xin.
52011Comparison of error reconciliation protocols in quantum key distributionWang, Wenhan.
62011Analysis of Raman effect in chalcogenide and silicon waveguidesZhou, Hongtao.
72011High-speed single-photon detection for quantum key distributionYu, Timothy Shenrong.
82010High power fiber laserLi, Dong Rui.
92009Optical fiber surface plasmon sensors using side polishing techniquesXiao, Tianyuan
102011Investigation of polarization effects of microresonatorsJiang, Nian
112009Fiber-based device for refractive index sensingWei, Wenting.
122009Exploration of electro-optic modulatorsTeng, Jin Siang.
132010Faraday rotation based optical fiber componentsZhang, Ansen
142009Sensor-network-based mobile home care systemLu, Haochuan.
152010Numerical simulation of 2-micron Tm-doped fibre laserJie, Nannan
162010Development of surface-emitted Terahertz measurement applicationsLim, Jun Long.
172009Hybrid fiber laser for optical communication and industrial applicationsLu, Xiaona.
182010Next generation relay-based mobile networksHong, Lei.
192009Augmented reality for education and trainingYu, Shanshan.
202009Design of applications on ultra-wideband real-time locating systemLee, Wen Jian.
212009Pulsed laser amplification in master oscillator : power amplifier (MOPA) configurationSeah, Ee Seng.
22 2009Design and development of a building control system using power line and wireless communicationsLee, Edwin Jia Liang.
232011Web-based paperless equipment management systemChen, Siyu.
242010Intelligent surveillance robotLiu, Zhen.
252011Dispersion engineering in photonic crystal fibersMeng, Huai Yu.
262009Silicon-based Raman laserLiu, Jianglan.
272011Carbon nanotube based devices for optical communication applicationsLin, Lin.
282009Study of polarization diversity circuit in silicon photonicsLee, Tze Jun.
292012Scalable high-speed random number generation for quantum key distribution systemTan, Isaac.
302010Development of pointing, acquisition and tracking (PAT) algorithms for inter-satellite laser (ISL) cross-linksLian, Wei Ming.
312009Smart events information dissemination systemBao, Yicai
322011Coupling in a twin-core photonic crystal fiber with metallic-coatingZhang, Shuyan
332009Optically controlled phased-array antennas using chriped-fiber gratingsNg, Jun Jie.
342012Photochemical synthesis and optical properties of silver nanodecahedraXie, Zhili.
352010Design and applications of highly dispersive photonic crystal fibersZhang, Peng Fei
362010Investigation of carbon-nanotube based passive mode-locked fiber lasersJiang, Kai
372009Surface plasmon-based sensingYang, Lei
382009Spectrum sensing for wireless networksElvy Haryati
392012Property of vertical aligned carbon nanotubesLe, Thanh Tung.
402009Narrow linewidth fiber laserTay, Joyce Mei Hui.
412011Development of smart data management and dissemination system via the internetZheng, Xia.
422012Study on the passively mode-locked fiber laser with different cavity dispersionYe, Jin.
432012Mode-locked fiber laser and its application in microwave photonicsLi, Nanxi.
442009Microstructured optical fiber designBai, Yongchao
452009Provisioning of broadcasting services in WDM-PONsGu, Yun.
462011Investigation on long-reach broadcast/multicast-capable WDM-PONCai, Frank Laifa
472011Dispersion engineering in photonic crystal fibersMeng, Huai Yu
482010Locating passive tags using radio frequency identification technology in an enclosed areaWong, Jie Hong.
492010Piezoelectric-based clean energy generationLau, Mun Kok.
502010Home energy monitoring system using wireless mesh networkWijaya, Kelvin.
Results 1-50 of 54 (Search time: 0.062 seconds).