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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11997MIPS: Multivariable Integrated Process SupervisionQuek, C.; Singh, H.; Pasquier, Michel B.
21997CUED-05 parallel agorithms for motion picture restorationChong, Man Nang; Rayner, Peter; Goh, Wooi Boon; Seah, Hock Soon; Kokaram, Anil
31999Development of new fusion welding and induction brazing techniques for the joining of Nickel-based high A1 and Ti containing precipitation strenghtened superalloys and steelsChandel, Roop Singh.; Seow, Hong Pheow.
41994Design and implementation of a reconfigurable machine for massively parallel neural computation (RM-nc)Erdogan, Sevki Serkan; Abdul Wahab; Premkumar, Annamalai Benjamin; Lee, Keok Kee; Srikantan, T.; Leong, Peng Chor
51997Development of oxidation resistant coatings for engineering applicationsHing, Peter.
62000Using conceptual relations automatically identified in text to improve information retrieval effectivenessKhoo, Christopher Soo Guan.
71999Fracture of materials under complex stress statesMohan Manoharan.; Seow, Hong Pheow.
81994Computerised network of telecommunication equipmentVun, Nicholas Chan Hua.; Lee, Bu Sung.; Lau, Chiew Tong.
91999Corrosion at the metal/coating interfaceQiu, Jianhai.
101997Service parameterization, benchmarking and prototyping of full motion video transport over high speed networksDas, Amitabha
111996Design and development of Macintosh based Teleview terminalNardarajah Sriskanthan; Chan, Tony Kai Yun
121990Project SENWORKLee, Bu Sung.; Oh, Soon Huat.; Lau, Yeong Shoon.; Tan, Daniel.
131999Protocol development and performance studies for multimedia-on-demand servicesGupta, Anil Kumar; Das, Amitabha
141999High performance VLSI arithmetic macrocellsThambipillai Srikanthan; Damodaran Radhakrishnan; Premkumar, Annamalai Benjamin
151998Intelligent multimedia tutoring system for laboratory support in software engineering educationKai, Warendorf
161996Development and evaluation of organic and polymeric corrosion inhibitors for industrial applicationsQiu, Jianhai.; Hu, Xiao.
171999Image analysis tools for authentication and enhanced classification of handwritten script using forensic techniquesGraham, Leedham Charles.
181997A virtual reality disaster simulation teaching aidHarvey, R. D.; Clarke, C. T.
191995Transparent version control system for UNIXErdogan, Sevki Serkan; Chee, Chye Lin
201997CELL (Common Electronic Learning Library)Shaw, Venson M.
211995Fourier optical signal processing (FOSP): the use of optical system to perform image filtering, compression and to study the relationship between spatial/time/frequency domainAbdul Wahab; Sriskanthan Nadarajah
221995Parallel mass storage systemChan, Tony Kai Yun.; Lee, Keok Kee.; Leong, Peng Chor.; Sriskanthan Nadarajah.
231999ATM-enhanced multimedia meeting environmentLee, Bu Sung; Chan, Tony Kai Yun; Chai, Liang Tien; Yeo, Chai Kiat
241999Fault-tolerant variable architecture parallel computing platform final reportLoh, Peter Kok Keong; Nadarajah Sriskanthan; Hsu, Wen Jing; Cai, Wentong
251997Metal powder addition in submerged arc weldsChandel, Roop Singh.; Seow, Hong Pheow.
261990Design of a braille terminal for computersSriskanthan Nadarajah.; Subramanian, Krishnappa R.
271994Object-oriented database applications within an engineering environmentGoh, Angela.; Hui, Siu Cheung.
281997Development of novel methods for the conversion of palm oil into polyurethane elastomersGan, Leong Huat
291997A model-based vision system for recognising three-dimensional objects from a single gray-intensity imageLi, Yiwu.; Lim, Siew Kim.; Ng, Geok See.; Wong, Kok Cheong.
301999Implementation of real-time low-rate speech coder with echo and noise cancellerTan, Eng Chong; Abdul Wahab; Sevki S. Erdogan
311996Injection moulding of ceramic/metal powderLiang, Meng Heng.
321994Design and implementation issues for groupwareRavishankar Sharma; Conrath, David; Goh, Wooi Boon; Foo, Schubert Shou Boon; Tung, Lai Lai
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