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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Crystal structure, morphology of band-gap engineered Titania and Titanates via hydrothermal synthesisLim, Linda Ying Wen
22007Introduction to dye sensitized solar cell (DSC)Zou, Xin
32013Electrospinning of lignin : from waste to functional materialsAng, Jia Ming
42015Air stable Cs2Snl6 sensitizers : synthesis, investigation of crystal structure and its optoelectronic propertiesJamaludin, Nur Fadilah Bte
52011Investigation of binary nanocrystal superlatticeChristine, Kusuma Dewi
62014CdS quantum-dots/TiO2 nanotube heterostructure for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolutionWei, Jiaqi
72016Uniform Spatial Distributed Metal Sulfide Nanostructure/TiO2 Nanotube Hybrid for High Capacity Lithium-ion BatteryWei, Jiaqi
82010Chemical vapor deposition growth of grapheneFang, Wenjing
92013Self-cleaning glass with superhydrophobic coatingWu, Yuanyuan
102014Screen printing on Cu2ZnSnSxSe1-x thin film for photovoltaic applicationKong, Ren Hwai
112011Organization of anisotropic nanomaterialsSamuel, Hanria
122011Synthesis and characterization of nanothermite systemTan, Gibson Kuan Han
132008Work function engineering of electrodes via electropolymerization of ethylenedioxythiophenes and its derivativesFang, Wenjing
142009Real time visualization of template directed colloidal self assemblyZhao, Qin
152011Sb2S3-based extremely thin absorber solar cellKang, Aik Meng
162016Effect of Clay on Crystallization Kinetics of Polyamide 6Marchio, Christopher
172015Natural scaffolds for tissue engineering : extraction of fish scale-derived collagen and functionalization of the extracted collagen for biomaterial applicationsDong, Yibing
182008Dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC)Zou, Xin
192010Synthesis and optical properties of bismuth doped NaTaO3Deng, Jiyang
202014Drug delivery by liponanocapsules : a new nanomedicine conceptLan, Xin
212013Resettable electronic logic gates based on multimodulated molecular transport junctionsChen, Ye
222007Unmanned flying vehicle using advanced materialAnton, Wibowo
232017Temperature-Controlled Reversible and Salt-Controlled Recoverable Double-Network Hydrogels with Ultrahigh Mechanical Strength, Stretchable ToughnessYu, Jing
242012Synthesis of high aspect ratio titanate nanotubes for free-standing membrane and its environmental applicationsDeng, Jiyang
252011Spray-drying processing and characterization of sodium nitrite-aluminiumLee, Priscilla Li Yi
262010Energy storage : nanostructured manganese dioxide for supercapacitor applicationLoke, Ek Siang
Results 1-26 of 26 (Search time: 0.06 seconds).


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