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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020《“恐怖”的翻译 :以斯蒂芬 · 金的作品为例来探讨恐怖小说的翻译》= Translating horror : a case study of Stephen King’s works and translating gothic novel卢裕盛 Loh, Joo Seng
22020网络原创视频字幕的幽默翻译 :以“美丽求求你”面簿视频为例 = Humour translation of online original videos' subtitle : a case study of Preetipls’ Facebook videos黎思吟 Loy, Si Yin
32021探讨创译在饮食名称中的应用及国人对其的看法 = A study on transcreation for food and beverages in Singapore : consumer perception李丽婷 Lee, Joey Li Ting
42020从关联理论看英式幽默字幕翻译 :以英剧《神探夏洛克》为例 = An analysis of translation for British humour subtitles from the perspective of relevance theory : a case study of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes倪玮忆 Gunawan, Arabella
52021文化负载词的字幕翻译策略研究 :以《陈情令》为例 = Subtitling strategies of culture-bound terms : a case study of The Untamed潘瑤倩 Pwa, Yu Kin
62021方言与幽默字幕翻译的受众接受研究 :以台湾电影《大尾鲈鳗》为例 = Investigating dialect and humour subtitling in Taiwanese film David Loman : an audience reception study黄筱茹 Ng, Casey Xiao Ru
72021探究广告中的创译应用 :以可口可乐影视广告为例 = The application of transcreation in commercials : a case study on Coca Cola's advertisements蔡美婷 Chua, Louis Mei Ting
82020新加坡华乐团音乐会节目册的翻译技巧策略 = Translation strategies for programme notes by Singapore Chinese Orchestra梁莹轩 Leong, Ying Xuan
92021机器翻译错误类型分析与译后编辑策略 : 以新加坡 YouTube 创作者的视频字幕为例 = Machine translation error type analysis and post-editing strategies : a case study on Singaporean YouTube creators' video subtitles王筱玥 Ong, Xiao Yue
102020马来西亚华人玩家的游戏语言选择调查 = An investigation of language preference in Chinese Malaysian gaming community赖政墀 Lai, Zheng Ci
112021新加坡旅游翻译与翻译目的论 :以圣淘沙旅游景点英译汉翻译为例 = Tourism translation in Singapore and the skopos theory : a case study of English-Chinese translation for Sentosa's tourist attractionsTeh, Siew Qi
Results 1-11 of 11 (Search time: 0.115 seconds).


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