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12020国家认同的潜移默化 : 新加坡钞票图像传达的信息分析 = Imperceptible construction of national identity : an analysis of the information conveyed by the images of Singapore banknotes王晞宁 Ong, Sze Leng
22021论严复个人权界观里的中国传统文化连续性 = Exploration of the 'Chinese traditional culture continuity' in Yen Fu's ideas of liberty陈泳榆 Tan, Yong Yu
32021男性气概的协商 :《弁而钗》同性情欲的一种观察 = Negotiating masculinities : an observation of homosexuality in bian er chai李梅银 Li, Meiyin
42020生态文明建设 :上海强制性垃圾分类政策 = Ecological civilisation : A study of Shanghai’s mandatory waste sorting policy洪巧玲 Ang, Keow Leng
52020枭雄争夺的历史标签:论北洋军阀执政的形象与变迁 = The historical label of warlords : a study on the image of warlord politics黄俊元 Ng, Joven Chin Guan
62021论明泰昌、天启初年内臣与朝臣的关系 :以宦官王安为例 = The relationship between eunuchs and imperial officials from Ming Tai Chang period to early Tian Qi period : a case study of eunuch Wang An马爱连 Ma, Ah Lain
7202021世纪中国电影英雄的塑造 = The making of a 21st century China film hero佘曜丞 Seah, Walter Yao Chen
82020论《庄子》:书中的身体感修习与技能类知识学习 = Bodily experiences and the knowledge of skills in 'Zhuangzi'姚智升 Yaw, Zhe Sheng
92020论清朝宫廷剧《延禧攻略》中的后现代女性主义表现 = Postmodern feminism portrayed in Qing Dynasty royal harem drama the Story of Yanxi Palace刘祖儿 Law, Joanne Zu Er
102021论《红楼梦》的第三个世界 :以林黛玉解读为个案的研究 = The third world of "A Dream of Red Mansions" : a case study based on Lin Dai Yu's interpretation黄雯心 Ng, Boon Xin


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