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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1012012Investor sentiment and the cross-section of stock returns : evidence from ChinaGuo, Xia
1021999Cash flow information : a comparison of its usefulness towards bankruptcy prediction in manufacturing and commercial industries.Tay, Swee Wah.
1032002The values created by Internet communities for businesses.Poh, Chee Choong.; Tan, Joo Say.
1041999Entering South America.Ng, Ai Lin.; Lui, Susan Yuet Har.; Lothar Schulte.
1052001中国区域经济发展非均衡问题研究 = The unbalance in regional economic development in China李风瑞 Li, Feng Rui
1062009Business study mission : Rio Tinto AlcanAnna Kunti Pratiwi; Muhammad Faisal Haneef; Ridzuan Ismail; Shamsul Bahar Shajian
1072000河北省高素质人才资源开发研究 = Study of high quality human resources development in Hebei province of China王淑玲 Wang, Shu Ling
1082001入世与中国三鹿乳业集团 : 影响及对策 = WTO and China's SANLU Dairy Group : impacts and solutions葛瑞芳 Ge, Rui Fang
1092003人力资本投资效果分析 = An analysis of investment in human capital贾宁 Jia, Ning
1102010Cultural intelligence & marketing strategy of OSIM International LtdZhang, Qi; Tan, Yi San; Lee, Lau Ching; Yuliani Lianto
1112005An assesment of Singapore's biomedical sciences landscape with reference to Japan and TaiwanLim, Yvonne Kha Hui; Pang, Cheng Biing
1122003中国基础教育技术装备工作的问题与对策 = Technological facilities in China's basic education俞伟跃 Yu, Wei Yue
1132008HSBC Ireland : strategies to address business and cultural challengesChew, Paul; Ambo Tuwo; Dang Tung Lam; Daw Myo Nandar
1142021Three essays on service operationsChen, Manlu
1152005Discussion on new issues faced by China's traditional material suppliers : the case analysis and discussion on business model and process reengineering of Hengwu companyLi, Wei; Zhang, Peiliang; Zhao, Hui
1161995The greying workforce in Singapore.Leong, See Yuen.; Wong, Wee Kim.; Yim, Benjamin.
1172000中国商业银行信货风险管理 :信货评分模型的应用 = Credit risk management of commercial banks in China : an application of credit-scoring model陈颐 Chen, Yi; 陈晶 Chen, Jing
1182015An integrated model of online rating decision : role of pre-purchase expectation and post-purchase experienceSoumya Mukhopadhyay
1192003中国高等教育宏观质量描述方法研究 = On the quantitative analysis of tertiary education quality in China康凯 Kang, Kai
1201998Analysis of bank capital and profitability for the top 1000 banks in the worldsGan, Yoke Wah
1211998Telecommunication evolution : from monopoly to competition : a case study on Telstra.Loh, Wai Kwan.; Ng, Amy Mui Huan.
1222003产业集群竞争优势的决定因素 = Determinants of industrial cluster's competititve advantage谷正海 Gu, Zhenghai
1232003A comparative study between logistic model and Z-score model : empirical evidence from US marketsAnand Venkata Subramanian; Lee, Beng Hong; Loi, Kok Cheng
1242001Product diversification in a small open economy.Loh, Shyh.; Tan, Shannon Siew Ngee.
1252020Choice as an engine of independence : implications for employee voice and managerial decision makingNanakdewa, Kevin
1261999Exchange rate effects on sectoral investment in Singapore manufacturing industriesFoo, Sey Yuen
1272018Three essays in financePhua, Kenny Jing Wen
1282011Overseas expansion strategy of Chinese enterprises.Hu, Jianping.
1292005Illiquidity effects and asset pricing : evidence from JapanFang, Jing
1301998Empirical studies on the performance of unit trusts in Singapore.Lee, Een Chang.
1311997Determinants of industrial pricing strategies in the Singapore context.Chia, Jazzlyn Ai Li.
1322000分权集权 :地方政府利益机制的变化 = Decentralization and recentralization : changing incentive structures for China's local governments赵学明 Zhao, Xueming
1332000Human resource development in Thailand.Chin, Colin.
1342000The distinction between charisma and vision.Lee, Tracy Hway.
1352008Case study of titan industriesKee, Ee Wah; Ong, Kah Kuang; Pham, Van Thanh; Agus Tri Suardi
1362006A study on steel-structure manufacturing firms in China.Chen, Weiping.
1372006Exploratory study of petrochemical logistics in Chengdu for VopakAng, Wei Lieh; Foo, Jye Huah; Lee, Wei Wei; Kooi, Allen Tiong Chuan
1382000Culture as a research bias factor in bilingual markets.Lee, Kin Man.; Ong, Randall Choon Poh.
1392004Impact of corporate governance on debt choice decisions in East Asia.Tan, Hui San.
1401996The critical success factors for venturing into the newly deregulated telecommunications services business : the Philippines case.Koh, Eng Kheng; Low, Wah Chai; Too, Shiun Jye
1412002The investment behaviour of domestic and foreign country mutual fund managers.Serban, Adrian.; Chandiramani, Dalip.
1422000Residential property market of Singapore.Lim, Dyi Chang.
1431996Foreign ownership restrictions and share prices in the China capital market.Lee, Boon Leng.; Tan, Teng Keong.
1442002Effects of shipment visibility on inventory strategies : a simulation approach.Chan, Gerry Kin Leong.
1452000中国河北工业化的进程、环境及关键问题研究 = A study of the industrialization process, environment and some crucial pertinent issues of Hebei, China聂辰席 Nie, Chenxi
1461997Neural networks in stock selection : a Singapore study.Chng, Ronny Seng Hong.
1472001Investigating drivers of customer loyalty in service industries : the relationship between customer value, customer satisfaction, switching costs and customer loyaltyXia, Jiulong
1482003Impact of deregulation on the performance of Australian banks.Teo, Noel Chadwick Sher Shen.
1491997A study on new product success of a multinational corporation in Asia Pacific region.Chang, Michael Ching Woei.
1501999新加坡用经济手段管理城市交通对中国城市交通管理的启示 = Singapore experience in transport management : application in China刘清泉 Liu, Qingquan
Results 101-150 of 1502 (Search time: 0.05 seconds).