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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14512004Coastal resort dynamics and the tourism informal segment : case study analysis of Phuket, Thailand.Tan, Karen Pei-Sze.
14522007Evaluation of information sources in marketing : a study of business buyers in Singapore.Purnima Kamath.
14532001A cultural perspective of budgeting behavior in Thailand and Singapore.Tan, Min Yen.
14542001Factors attracting companies to locate in Silicon ValleyAzah Hanim Ahmad; Liang, Wern Kang; Minn, Soe Aung; Ng, Kok Wan
14552006Essays in market microstructure of NYSE-listed IPOsThong, Tiong Yang
14561992Economic indicators for the Singapore economyNeo, Peck Eng; Tan, Huck Yang
14571996Effectiveness of value chain analysis as a framework for identifying strategic information systems for town councils.Fok, Patrick Man Keen.; Chong, Weng Yong.
14581993Management case studies on the development of Singapore's telecommunications infrastructure.Goh, Lewis Yew Liak.
14591999From financial assets to intellectual capital assets evaluationShen, Rong; Catherine Godin
14602002中国加入WTO对河北钢铁工业的影响及对策 = Hebei's iron & steel industry after China's entry to the WTO : impacts and strategies孔平 Kong, Ping
14611995Currency devaluation and a company's financial structure : a case study.Lee, David Seng Quee.; Liew, Kian Heng.
14622021Essays on material flow management during disasters : material convergence and panic buyingMartin, J. Lemuel
14632012Developing a human capital strategy for JWA positioning it for the futureHong, Nicole Lena; Kee, Francis Eng Chye; Neeraj Kumar Srivastava; Sriyani Puspa Kinasih
14642001中国公路建筑市场产业结构分析 = Structural analysis on China's highway construction market焦永顺 Jiao, Yongshun
14652001Implied volatility asymmetries in currency options.Lee, Swee Chee.; Tan, Teck Woon.; Yip, Yew Tong.
14662002Convergence issues in online marketing models : case study of catalog retailers.Gupta, Ajay.; Ghante, Anantha P. V.
14672000Hotel food and beverage loyalty programmes : an examination of the loyalty effect.Ho, Joan Yooi Feng.; Tang, Susan Mei Ling.
14682007Venture capital opportunities in Nanning high technology incubator.Cheng, Keok Wee.; Chua, Ricky Chye Khoon.; Kwan, Seann Koon Yin.; Tham, Chee Mun.
14691989Business failure prediction of private companies in Singapore.Chong, Li Moy.
14702009How sustainability accounting can be a strategic tool in the Singapore hospitality sector.Soo, Wei Chieh.
14712002Identifying needs for the mobile data services : a cross-border strategic perspectiveAu, Alfred Ko Chin; Chia, Poh Leong; Seah, Jeffrey Kwee Peng; Yau, Edmond Kin Hung
14721999Timing and effectiveness of the release of financial results.Pius Padjar Tjukrono.; Soo, Chai Chew.; Tan, Sian Lip.
14732000Measuring service quality performance in the hospitality industry.Tan, Maurice Mak Koon.
14741997Business operation rethinking.Siah, Jong Ping.
14751996Assessing SMEs loan proposals : academic prescriptions and practitioner approachesChow, Poh Heng; Aw, Kah Wai
14761994Portfolio management and diversification strategies of property companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore.Heng, Aik Swan.; Lee, Ngak Koon.; Tan, Swee Yiow.
14772001德州市劳动市场存在问题与展望 = A study on the labor market issues in Dezhou and their policy implications盛建军 Sheng, Jianjun; 马传先 Ma, Chuanxian
14782004Prospect theory, analysts forecasts and stock returns.Seetoh, Raymond.
14791999Roles and contributions of foreign banking institutions to the liberization of South East Asian financial marketsRidwan Mochamad Abas; Nanasombat Danai; Tay, Bee Bee
14802005Marketing strategies of Chinese national banks.Zheng, Yanjun.; Zhu, Yong.
14811992A study on the awareness, utilisation and perception of the government assistance schemes by the small and medium sized firms in the textile and garment industry.Chua, Angela Poh Neo.
14821993Formula of success : the Singapore Airlines story.Chua, Teow Tzing.; Liu, Fontaine.; Kwa, Bing Seng.
14832007Global expansion strategy of Deutsche BankDu, Ming Hao; Dang Quoc Toan; Noor-E Helal Saifur Rahman
14842006Case study on the building of human resources capability in a life science organisation from 1989 to 2004.Lim, Teng Teng.
14852001A study of industrial policy of Thailand.Chua, Hian Choon.; Low, Pauline Kit Hong.; Phuah, Marcus Kok Liang.; Seow, Steven Poh Leong.
14862002Techonological progress and Chinese agricultural growth in the 1990s.Wang, Xiaobing.
14871995A Delphi study of factors determining healthy industrial relations in Singapore.Chow, Maria Siu Lan.
14882000河北省利用外资的策略研究 = On the strategies of utilizing foreign direct investment in Hebei province王爱民 Wang, Aimin; 刘如银 Liu, Ruyin
14892001国有企业经营者选任、激励与约束机制探讨 = Selection, incentives and monitoring mechanism for the managers of state-owned enterprises李光汝 Li, Guangru
14902002Entrepreneurship in integrated circuit design in Taiwan and SingaporeEr, Jackalin Hwee Pheng; Guda Prasanthi; Han, Ching Loo; Ong, How Wei
14911997Sustaining core competence : strategies for retaining core employeesChan, Wai Keong; Joseph, Antony
14921996Managing change issues in business process re-engineering projects : a case study at Tan Tock Seng Hospital to identify implementation guidelines.Ng, Jonathan Hock Siang.
14932001中国证券业市场结构分析 = The analysis of industrial structure of security industry in China林阳 Lin, Yang; 王焕杰 Wang, Huan Jie
14942002北美自由贸易区与图们江地区开发的比较分析 = North-American Free Trade Agreement and Tumen River Area Development : a comparative analysis王小平 Wang, Xiao Ping
14952009网络游戏运营模式创新探索 = Study on digital game operation mode innovation徐冰 Xu, Bing
14962000Foreign direct investment in India.Mahatma, S.; Sekar, A. K.; Tan, Thiam Chye.
14972021Initial coin offerings and value creation of token-based blockchain projectsZheng, Yujie
14982003四川经济发展后优势研究 :四川省与广东省经济发展比较 = On the potentials of economic catch-up of the less developed Sichuan economy : a comparative study of the economic development between Sichuan and Guangdong田宜润 Tian, Yi Run
14992003跨国并购对中国经济的影响与对策研究 = Impacts and strategies of cross-border mergers and acquisitions on Chinese economy侯贵星 Hou, Gui Xing
15002018Behavioural and neurobiological effects of cultural attachmentYap, Wei Jie
Results 1451-1500 of 1502 (Search time: 0.057 seconds).