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12005建立知识经济时代的竞争优势 = Building the competitive advantage in the knowledge economy : an analysis of the added-value of the intellectual capital of Xian-Janssen from the knowledge management perspective李一敏 Li, Yimin
22005MBO 在中国上市公司应有的探索 = Applying the management buyouts China listed company沈荣 Sheng, Rong; 李林和 Li, Ling; 戴 育朝 Dai, Yuchao
31993Perceptions of the "true and fair" view.Chang, Sook Mei.; Loo, Beng Du.; Wong, Kron Joo.
42003邯郸城化进程实证分析及战略研究 = Practical analysis and strategy research to urbanization process of HanDan city乔朝英 Qiao, Chaoying
52004What role for Chinese manufacturers in a consolidated automotive industry in China.Wang, Mei.
62007The various levels of importance of the five structural components of the Viable System Model (VSM) at different stages of a system’s S-curve development regarding improvement of its viability.Schawalder Martin.
72012Business study mission to the Czech Republic : BENES a LAT's expansion into VietnamChua, Ivana Xian Hui; Low, Desmond Chuen-wei; Niglmoro Erin Okuk; Donny Septianto
82006Exploring hedonic purchase behaviors : essays on impulse buying behaviourPiyush, Sharma
92003Short-horizon contrarian strategy in China market : the role of trading volume and firm sizeMa, Wenmin; Zhang, Lan; Zheng, Mingqing
102002中国建材产业发展策略问题研究 = Strategical issues for the development of China's construction materials industry许爱朝 Xu, Aichao
112005中国家族企业可持续发展问题探析 = An analysis on issues of sustainability of China's family business强林梅 Qiang, Linmei; 张士栋 Zhang, Shidong
122005Initial public offering lockup expirations and insider selling.Peh, Hwee Hwee.
132000Deflation, demand deficiency and policy propose : the experience of ChinaLi, Hui
142001The influence of price, perceived risk and perceived quality in flight selection.Ng, Poh Beng.
152000中国员工的期望和业务形成及分类分析 = Analyzing formation and classification both in expectation and obligaton of employees in China侯中 Hou, Zhong; 张传炬 Zhang, Chuanju
162001Trade and investment.Kok, Tiong Yun.; Lee, Woei Shiuan.; Tay, Tiong Beng.; Zhao, Haiyan.
172000The influence of collectivism and individualism on consumer complaint behaviourDewitt, Thomas Scott; Barkathunnisha
182020EMMNCs’ political connections and their overseas investment outcomes, and firm performance shaped by outside CEO succession, and by China's anti-corruption campaignHuang, Dongdong
192002The impact of size, profitability and industry type on voluntary disclosure : a Singapore perspective.Chng, Lai Hoon.
202000Business study mission to Israel and Egypt : IT, R&D, software and telecommunications.Cheok, Lay Ngor.; Carles, Jean V.; Liu, Daisong.; Yau, Yong Kuang.
211997Intranet technology and its adoption in SingaporeLai, Ying Cheung; Loh, Malcolm Cheng Tuan; Tan, Wei Keong
222001Productivity analysis for Singapore manufacturing industries : a stochastic frontier approach.Koh, Soo Wei.
232002经济全球化与地方政府职能 = The economic globalisation and the functions of local government盛新丰 Sheng, Xinfeng
241995Meeting the accounting services needs of small enterprises in Singapore through the exploitation of information technology.Tsai, Amy Yae Ming.; Lee, Kim Hua.; Lee, Pau Sheng.
252001Korean shipbuilding industry : strategies for global competitiveness.Lim, Irene Yung.; Sumague, Adelino.; Xu, Ye.; Zheng, Lixiang.
262002Earnings management and chief executive officer changes.Chua, Ngia Nghee.; Lee, Noog.; Tien, Siew Wan.
272006Desalination industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) : lessons for Singapore from the UAE's experience.Behnke, Daniel.; Lee, Veon Leng Ping.; Theen, Monica Liang Kiang.; Yu, Christopher Ain Joo.
282004Management ownership and IPO underpricing an empirical study of Singapore IPOsLim, Boon Hui; Tee, Sandy Chee Han; Vithayathil, Thomas Sebastian
291996Regression analysis of financial ratios and stock returns : evidence from Singapore.Kok, Raymond Seng Hun.; Lien, Ber Luen.
302015Three essays on financeLin, Yaheng
311999经济改革中的中国城市结构变迁 : 以大连市为例 = The impacts of economic reform on urban structure in China : case of Dalian City杨矗 Yang, Chu
321995Prospects for Singapore banks in the People's Republic of China.Tan, Edmund.; Tan, Ching Guei.
332003Empirical analysis of B2B electronic purchasing usage by firms : a post-adoption model integrating trust.Tan, Jennifer Puay Leng.
342000Sectorial stock market prediction using neural networks : a Singapore case.Lee, Melvin Pei Chang.
352000新加坡公积金制度的分析与对德州市的启示 = Singapore's central provident fund scheme and its implication for Dezhou city, China刘宝三· Liu, Baosan
362001The informativeness of professional analysts' earnings forcasts in Singapore.Wu, Ching Chan.
372005关于VY药业公司运营管理的分析及对策 = Analysis and actions of VY pharmacy company operation management霍丽君 Huo, Li Jun; 徐雷 Xu, Lei; 岳 勇 Yue, Yong
382011Preliminary study of application of project portfolio management in the design & consulting firm.Tang, Sudian.
392007Critical success factors for luxury car in Asia : a study of BMW in ChinaRahmanto Amin Jatmiko; Nwe Niko; Zhou, Maoyi; Bertho Darmo Poedjo Asmanto
401994A study of acquisition premiums of Singapore's listed companies.Lim, Chin Chong.
411999Foreign direct investment and incentives in Israel and EgyptYeo, Johnny Sheok Yeow; Kee, Calvin Soo Kiang; Lai, Sau Leng; Lim, Chin Peng
422002An empirical study of the perceived threats and safeguards of auditor independenceAhmed Razman Abdul Latiff
432002Business plan to implement a business intelligence service on an application service provider model.Srikanth Ramachandran.
441995A comparative study of accounting standards in China and Singapore.Huang, Zhao Hong.; Li, Zhi Qiang.; Tian, Fang.
451994A study of IPO's underpricing and aftermarket performance in Singapore.Tham, Eric Kah Jin.; Fong, Chor Cheong.; Yong, Kei Seng.
461998Determinants of R&D activities and performances of firms in Singapore manufacturing sectorAuw, Chor Khoon; Loo, Chin Chye; Woo, Yin Leng
472004Developing corporate entrepreneurship in Singaporean small and medium-sized enterprises case studies and lessons.Muhlstein, Olivier.
482005Retail format strategy in China : the right mix or all mixed up?Akshat Shawla; Christian Rahnsch; Nguyen, Cuong Huu; Zoltan Farkashazi
492000The future of the hi-tech manufacturing industry in ThailandAng, Dennis Lien Lee; Hun, Andy Yew Kwong; Lee, Kee Giap; Lim, Daw See
501999Decision-making with incomplete information : a process-based study.Koh, Lynn Shu-Yi.
Results 1-50 of 1502 (Search time: 0.045 seconds).