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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31 2018Crystal structure of human vaccinia-related kinase 1 in complex with AMP-PNP, a non-hydrolyzable ATP analogNgow, Yeen Shian; Rajan, Sreekanth; Ye, Hong; Yoon, Ho Sup
322018Electrical and electrochemical properties of triphenylene based lithium solvated electron solutionsLunchev, Andrey V.; Liu, Zhihao; Su, Haibin; Yazami, Rachid; Grimsdale, Andrew Clive
332016Templated assembly of metal nanoparticle films on polymer substratesWaters, R. F.; Ohtsu, A.; Naya, M.; Hobson, P. A.; Macdonald, K. F.; Zheludev, Nikolay I.
342018Characterization on three-dimensional trajectory of disk-like gold-nickel-platinum nanomotor using digital holographic imagingHu, Liangxing; Rehman, Shakil; Tao, Kai; Miao, Jianmin
352019LIR motif-containing hyperdisulfide β-ginkgotide is cytoprotective, adaptogenic, and scaffold-readyDutta, Bamaprasad; Huang, Jiayi; To, Janet; Tam, James P.
362018Long-wave-instability-induced pattern formation in an evaporating sessile or pendent liquid layerWei, Tao; Duan, Fei
372017Photonic nanojet engineering to achieve super-resolution in photoacoustic microscopy: a simulation studyUpputuri, Paul Kumar; Krisnan, Mogana Sundari; Moothanchery, Mohesh; Pramanik, Manojit
382017Study of static and dynamic performances of miniature Savonius-type wind energy harvestersHan, Nuomin; Li, Xinyan
39 2018Carrier density and light helicity dependence of photocurrent in mono- and bilayer grapheneQian, X.; Cao, Bingchen; Wang, Zilong; Shen, Xiaonan; Soci, Cesare; Eginligil, Mustafa; Yu, Ting
402017Heuristic Strategies for Persuader Selection in Contagions on Complex NetworksWang, Peng; Zhang, Li-Jie; Xu, Xin-Jian; Xiao, Gaoxi